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How to get around the city

Urban Bus


Catania’s Municipal Transport Society 
Green number 800.01.8696 .

Urban bus, of orange colour, they are managed by the A.M.T. and they reach the whole City area, a single ticket costs 1€ and is valid for 90 min. Tickets are available at tobacconists, some Bars, or in the City’s central squares in suitable A.M.T. newsagents.

Website:  www.amt.ct.it

Extra-urban buses


F.C.E. CircumEtnea Railway – Bus Service 
Telephone number: 095 534323 - 095 54125
Departures from Catania, Via Dusmet – near the Port - from 7.00 to 20.00.

The historic, Circumetnea is a Transport State’s society, as well as being a picturesque railway that offers the complete tour of the Etna’s town villages, it manages the city’s new metropolitan line, and also the blue bus lines of the CircumEtnea, that reach the Etna’s town villages. Due to the fact of being a service created for commuters it is suspended on Sunday and holidays.

Website:  www.circumetnea.it


A.S.T.- S.p.a – Sicilian Transport Society
Telephone number 095 7461096

Sicilian Regional Transport Society, it manages 154 extra-urban lines of blue colour. 
Departures from Catania at Piazza Giovanni XXIII (Central Station F.S.), where there are the station ticket offices, at via Luigi Sturzo, 230/232. Tickets are also available at tobacconists and newsagents. The ticket fare for a single ticket varies from € 1,90 to € 16,30 and it varies according to the distances.

Website:  www.aziendasicilianatrasporti.it


SAIS Bus lines
Telephone number 095 536168
Departures from Catania, via D'Amico,181, near P.za Giovanni XXIII – Central Station.

SAIS is a private society that offers its services in Sicily, it covers the largest motorway connections, among which the Bus lines Palermo-Catania, Palermo-Messina, Catania-Messina, Palermo-Enna, Palermo-Gela.
It also offers interregional connections between Sicily and the most important Italian cities. Tickets are available in SAIS offices at departure, and Box Interbus/Etna at Piazza Borsellino Tel. 095 7237101, and from the Airport Fontanarossa - Tel. 348/3921803

Website:  www.saisautolinee.it


ETNA Trasports
Telephone 095 530396
Departures from Catania, via Archimede, in front of Central Station.

Website:  www.etnatrasporti.it


Telephone 095 530396
Departures from Catania, via Archimede, in front of Central Station.

Etna Spa and Interbus Spa are private Transport Societies that offer national connections to Rome and Naples. 

Sito Web:  www.interbus.it



Social Cooperative Taxi Catania
Via Monti Sicani, 21
95030 Tremestieri Etneo (CT)

Information:  radiotaxicatania@radiotaxicatania.org
24h Booking service: 095 330966
Fax: 095 222270
Website:  www.radiotaxicatania.org