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Natural protected areas

Etna Natural Park

Born in the 1987, it is the first Sicilian Park.

In addition to the Nebrodi Natural Park is the largest protected area (approximately 59.000 ha) in Sicily.

Alcantara Natural Park

The foundation of the Alcantara Natural Park Fluvial Entity in 2001 aims at the protection, management, and preservation of the landscape and the natural environment of the valley of the homonym river "in order to allow better living conditions in terms of economic development and a correct setting of the affected territories, for the citizen’s enjoyment and culture and the social and public enjoyment of the natural heritage, notwithstanding the scientific aims".

Nebrodi Natural Park

The Nebrodi Natural Park of more than 860 square kilometres of extension is the largest protected area in Sicily. 70 km of Mountains, 50% of the Sicilian forests: The Nebrodi Natural Park represents the green lung of the Island. It includes natural environments of extreme natural interest, most of them unique in Sicily. Its main feature is the vast extension of forests in natural conditions that hosts a fauna that has been disappeared for a long time somewhere else. Also of extreme interest due to its quantity, variety and preservation state are the wetland areas: fountains, water streams, ponds, bogs.