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Alcantara Natural Park

Parco alcantaraThe foundation of the Alcantara Natural Park Fluvial Entity in 2001 aims at the protection, management, and preservation of the landscape and the natural environment of the valley of the homonym river "in order to allow better living conditions in terms of economic development and a correct setting of the affected territories, for the citizen’s enjoyment and culture and the social and public enjoyment of the natural heritage, notwithstanding the scientific aims".
The Park falls within the territory of 12 municipalities, located between the provinces of Messina and Catania.
The Alcantara comes from a series of small springs in the Nebrodi Mountains near Floresta, at an altitude of 1.500 metres and after passing through the valley for about 50 km, the precious waters are poured into the Ionian Sea near the ruins of the ancient City of Naxos.
The river, flowing and eroding the hard volcanic basalt, has created, in some stretches, vertical walls called “canyons” (or “gorges”), bringing to light the heart of the lava flows. Parco alcantara 2
The visitor could admire the spectacular prismatic morphologies of columnar basalts; unique natural sculptures that recalled aligned organ pipes, elegant fans and tidy piles of firewood.
The Alcantara is one of the main Sicilian Rivers, with natural environments of natural and landscape interest.
The Park, however, was set up in the originally foreseen area that was for the Natural reserve “River Alcantara” included in the Natural reserves Regional Plan of 1991.
The perimeter of the natural reserve, which is therefore the current perimeter of the river, is completely insufficient in order to protect aquatic habitats and shelters because it is limited to a narrow strip along the river.
Also the main affluent of the river are not protected by the Park.
Notwithstanding that some years ago a project about the perimeter of the Park was presented, certainly to be improved and for which the observations were done according to law, the protected area has not yet a perimeter after nearly eight years of its establishment.
The inadequate Parco alcantara 3perimeter has allowed building structures and other man-made interventions in areas close to watercourse.
The legitimacy of these interventions is also doubtful because even causes negative impact on a Site of Communitarian Importance.