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Fiumefreddo Natural Reserve

Natural Reserve run by the “Regional Province of Catania” Fiumefreddo

Ponte FiumefreddoOnce, when the river bed was much larger, this river was in danger of disappearing because of excessive water withdrawal, it would have disappeared if in 1984, thanks to private initiatives and a relentless media campaign, the Region had not declared it environmentally protected.
The stream is just a couple of km long. Vegetazione Fiumefreddo
Arises from the Quadare sources, this is caldare, which boiled up from underground springs. The exceptionally cold waters of this course - 12 degrees - are due to melting snows of Etna.
This peculiarity makes possible the life of a plant typically Nordic, the ranunculetus or ranunculo brush, also present in the Alcantara, another river of particularly cold waters. The flora presents aquatic species and rare riparian ones not present in other areas of Sicily.
The hydro vegetation includes Buttercup brush, the Brasche, water Celery, the Sparganosis, the greater Gamberaia, watercress, water Mint, and Veronica of water.
There is the papyrus, which is unique in Sicily with the Cyane of Syracuse.
Residue of the old lake system of Gurna of Mascali lives still the problem of cPonte Fiumefreddoonservation: in summer the water level drops dangerously.
Among the bird species: Purple Heron Gray Heron Teal Woodcock Snipe Stork Tit Goldfinch Linnet Colombel Cuckoo Finch hen Widgeon Mallard Water Rail Crane Nibbio Golden Plover Great Crested Quail Dove Nightingale Bittern Verzellino River Serin.

The management belongs to the Regional Province of Catania
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