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Saint Peter’s Forest

S.PietroSaint Peter’s forest’s is located in the Province of Catania, between Mazzarone and Caltagirone.
It is a splendid woodland area whose extension is superior to two thousand and five hundred hectares; it is the second Natural Reserve by extension in Sicily, after the forest of Ficuzza, in Palermo.
It is already subject to legal constraints by a decree of 1991, the Natural Reserve was establishes for all purposes in 1999 and is managed by the Company of National Forest. S.Pietro 2
Already subject to constraint by decree in 1991, the reserve was established for all purposes in 1999 and is managed by the Company of the State Forest of Sicily.
The institution was necessary to protect the enormous variety of flora and fauna of this residual ancient Sicilian woodland system consisting of ancient corks.
It hosts in fact a big variety of plants. Splendid the gigantic corks, but also relevant the old oaks, the oak rover, beech, and pines.
The undergrowth forest hosts sallow, hawthorn, heather, arbutus, myrtle, providing refuge to numerous small mammals.
As for the birds, the Wood St. Peter includes many valuable birds, including several predatory birds such as buzzards, kestrels.
S.Pietro 3Along the water stream that feeds the Natural Reserve, we find poplars and willows, ideal shelter for herons, egrets, and the kingfisher.
Within the reserve, in the district Grace operates a wildlife recovery centre specializing in the recovery of tortoises.

How to get there:

Departing from Catania is convenient to take the bypass and at the junction take the direction to Caltagirone, following the Catania-Gela Motorway until the exit for Caltagirone.
Once in the city, the forest is easily reached by taking the direction towards South.

For a visit contact the Caltagirone Forest Management:
0933.21820 or the Provincial Office of Catania, 095 447084.